How is CK Condominium Different?

Need more information? Here are some questions our clients commonly have.

Traditional Construction

  • Traditionally, when a renovation is being planned, 3 – 5 General Contractors are contacted.
  • Traditionally in a larger renovation, an engineer is contacted. “Spec and Scope” are produced. Followed by 3 – 5 General Contractors are selected to bid.
  • The General Contractors than contact all their SUBcontractors to provide bids on each particular-scope of the work.
  • Once all bids are supplied to the Generals, the General puts together a “Bid Package” all applicable pricing complete with there “mark up” and submits to the engineer.
  • The engineer puts all the bids from the Generals together and presents them to the Condominium Board.
  • Once the Condominium awards the job to the selected General Contractor, the General takes over.
  • The General sets up on site and supplies a Construction Manager to run all trades until the project is complete.
  • Complete Site review is done by the Engineering Firm.

Traditional Construction Model

CK Condominium Model

  • We review the scope of work and contact each appropriate contractors directly.
  • We have contractor companies bid on individual trades not the entire project. 
  • CK meets with the Engineering Firm that works for the Condo Corporation. 
  • Deconstructive testing is done with the Engineer to fine tune the scope of the project. 
  • As Contractors estimates are gathered and CK creates a report that is presented to the Condo Corporation show our findings. 
  • The board has access to review all estimates from contractors rather than a single combined bid.
  • Everything is designed for complete transparency.
  • CK Condo gives recommendations on which Contractors the Condo Board should hires.
  • Each Contractors contract is signed directly by the Board. All warranties go directly to the Condominium NOT to the General Contractor.
  • Once the contracts are finalized, CK Condominium sets up on site and oversees the renovation from start to finish.
  • CK sets up schedules, daily progress and as required meets with the Engineer to review site conditions and provide “Sign-off” when rot is discovered.
  • CK Model is designed to SAVE Money through the “transparency” of direct quotations and review of each Contractors
  • Invoicing rather than Group Billings provided by a General Contractor.
  • With each Vendor billing the Condo directly, there is no additional mark up. Usually seen in the “Traditional General Contractors Model.”
  • Using the CK Model reduces anxiety on a Condo Corporation and the Property Management firm. 

CK Condominium Model

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Need more information? Here are some questions our clients commonly have.

No, we also work on specific projects i.e. Roof Replacements, Windows and Doors, etc. 

We work on all sizes of projects, from a 5 unit condominium to a larger buildings with over 200 units. 

While we provide updates to the Property Management Company, we work solely for the Condominium Corporation and its Board of Directors. 

We are! CK Condominium Consultants is the Prime Contractor for projects. 

Yes, CK Condominium Consultants has a unique program that works with a local engineering firm. 

No, we are a construction management firm. We gather bids on behalf of the Condo Corporation for each particular phase of construction. All trades bid directly to the Condo Corporation. CK Condominium consults and oversees all trades during the project completion. 

The Condo Corporation directly pays CK Condominium Consultants. We are NOT paid by any contractor. 

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