CK Condominium provides solutions for Condo Boards and Property Managers

We oversee a wide range of construction management, exterior building,  parking and ground services for Condo boards. 

Construction Management

  • Building envelope inspection c/w “test unit” reporting by an engineering firm
  • Complete budgeting of all aspects of a proposed / planned renovation and or a “special assessment. All contractor bids / estimates go directly to the corporation.
  • Work on behalf of the Condo Corporation with The City of Edmonton for the purpose of Building and Development Permits.
  • All engineering services are provided independently and directly to the Condominium by AKAL Engineering. 

Exterior Building Services

  • Siding: Vinyl, Harding and Ceda 
  • Soffit, Fascia, Eavestrough and Downspout 
  • Window and Doors 
  • Stucco Inspection, Repair and Replacement programs, including stucco coatings. 
  • Inspection of existing Roof Decks and Attics.  
  • Inspection of existing Attic Insulation and current air flow circulation. 
  • Roof Replacement Programs 
  • Insulation replacement
  • Programs for Exteriors, Interiors and Wood Fencing.
  • Inspection, Repair and Replacement programs for Townhome, Coach Home and Apartment style Condominiums

Parking & Ground Services

  • Complete Replacement programs including “Catch Basin” and “Barrel Repair and Replacement”.
  • Concrete Lifting (Mudjacking) including “Epoxy” Crack Filling.
  • Concrete Replacement.
  • Car Plug Maintenance and Replacement programs.
  • LED light replacement for Apartment style Condominiums
  • Existing and new Street Lights.
  • Landscape and Grade programs including working with the City of Edmonton for “Final Grade Certificate” and Compliance
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